About Morgan


As the classic saying goes, ‘if you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life’. While it certainly may be true for some, it’s hard to imagine finding that love before you’ve even finished school! For Morgan Hipworth though, it’s all in a day’s work. So to speak…

At just 18 years old, Morgan Hipworth has a budding empire with a bustling doughnut shop Bistro Morgan in Melbourne’s Windsor. Far more than just being the face of the ultra-cool establishment, Morgan; is hands on in the kitchen of his business, develops new flavours, trains all 25 staff members, looks after rosters, invoicing and accounts, marketing and social media. To say he is hands-on is an understatement.

Confident, articulate and uniquely driven, Morgan is an inspiring entrepreneur and speaker who shares his passion for baking and business effortlessly. Morgan is the ultimate embodiment of the next generation of game-changers, harnessing the power of social media and his entrepreneurial vision to create a business and life he loves. Morgan enjoys sharing his story with others, particularly young people, who are interested in hearing his incredible success story, how he manages to juggle it all and his exciting plans for the future.

How Bistro Morgan Began...

Morgan developed a love for all things food and baking as a devoted fan of Junior Masterchef at just seven years old. Morgan watched other young people on TV working towards their dreams and thought to himself “If they can do it, I can do it”. Each weekend, Morgan would make three-course meals for his parents and grandparents, serving up his creations in the front dining room of their home. Morgan then extended his clientele to his extended family, offering freshly baked sweet treats for birthdays and events. In early 2014 Morgan was encouraged to bring in some samples to a local cafe and in no time at all, Morgan was solely responsible for the supply of all sweets and baked goods.  

From there, Bistro Morgan was born. Before he knew it, Morgan was supplying doughnuts for anywhere between five to 15 cafes each weekend, prompting him to quickly invest in a massive stand mixer capable of mixing 200 doughnuts at once, just so he could fill the many orders that were piling in. Armed with the right equipment and the support of his parents, Morgan baked all the doughnuts from this home kitchen every weekend.

Bistro Morgan has been a hit in the media, too, including multiple live segments on the Today show, Sunrise, The Project and interviews on many radio stations including ABC radio Melbourne with Raf Epstein. Most notably, the CEO of Instagram has praised Morgan as a one-in-a-million star. Kevin Systrom singled out Morgan’s success, stating “It’s because of entrepreneurs like Morgan and the ingenuity of our team at Instagram that we’ve reached this milestone today.”

Morgan’s doughnuts are made unique with his impressive flavours and quality products. His creations include a Gaytime Crunch and White Chocolate and Raspberry Syringe, Coco Pops and Cookies & Cream and hazelnut flavoured doughnuts. “We try and reinvent some classic flavours, like laminations for example”, Morgan says. “On the flip side, we also go full on quirky and go crazy with them; we did a Peppermint Crisp with chocolate, Fruit Loops and Coco Pops.” The flavour, Morgan says, is in the quality ingredients he uses. Morgan only uses real products, refusing to skimp on any component of his tasty treats.   

Then in September of 2016 Morgan opened a pop-up store in the location that is now Bistro Morgan’s permanent home which sold over 10,000 doughnuts in eight days. Following the success of his popup Morgan decided a permanent store had to be on the cards.

Officially opening the flagship store front in December 2016. All the money for the shop fit-out came from the success of selling doughnuts to cafes since the years prior. Morgan now employs full time bakers who he has personally trained, as well as some front of house casuals. Morgan has not been absent in his success, working 50+ hours each week in the store, both on weekends and after school. Most mornings, Morgan will wake up at 6am to fry, decorate and deliver doughnuts before heading to class. 

Now with Bistro Morgan permanently housed at 190 High St, Windsor. Morgan has a rotating selection of flavours every Sunday to ensure there is something to suit every tastebud. Also on offer is a range of milkshakes, ice-cream sandwiches and coffee. What are you waiting for? Pop in and say hi!

Bistro Morgan's Pop-Up Store (September 2016)

Bistro Morgan's Pop-Up Store (September 2016)